A Guide to Bitcoin Gambling

Gambling with Bitcoin has definitely injected some fresh energy into the online casino industry in recent years with a growing number of casinos and online sportsbooks waking up to the clear benefits of online gaming with crypto and adding it as a payment option. A growing choice of legit casinos accepting Bitcoin is excellent news for players.

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We’ve all dreamed of winning the lottery at some time or other. What it must be like to watch your numbers come in and snag a huge win that would change your life forever, we can but dream! That said, winning a lottery though statistically unlikely is still a real possibility and while there’s a chance many of us enjoy the buzz of throwing a few bucks at our lucky numbers from time to time. Nowadays, as well as playing Lotteries with FIAT currencies, the option exists to play  the lottery with Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Lottery

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Cryptocurrency is entering into a golden era. Earlier it was speculated that the world of digital currency is impossible to visualize but today it has morphed itself into reality. From the time of the inception of the first cryptocurrency in 2009, a lot has changed in the field. Facebook is about to launch its cryptocurrency Libra and Venezuela has its state currency Petro PTR. This has added to the repute of the world of cryptocurrencies where more governments are bringing in regulations to supervise the currency.

Subduing Fiat currency:

When it comes to gambling, Fiat currencies dominate the market but this trend has changed in recent years where a spectacular number of casinos have started to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. Many of the casinos have popped up during these years entirely dedicated to the concept of Crypto gambling. Cryptocurrencies are becoming the favorite for online gambling due to the perks it has to offer.

Subduing Fiat currency


When it comes to treating our data on the internet, we are hesitant about it, but what happens when we have to make a payment? You need to provide your information. This is where a cryptocurrency comes in the picture and maintains an anonymous image of the gambler. Apart from your wallet address, you no longer need to provide your details. This way there is no risk of compromise in terms of your data security.


When you use a Fiat currency, you are liable for certain things. The transactions go through various processes and are slower than the cryptocurrencies. Its extra level of speed in treating the transactions has made it a preferable choice among the gamblers and the gambling operators. There is also a reduced transaction fee as compared to the Fiat currency.

Fiat currency


Cryptocurrencies are decentralized currencies that means there are no intermediaries between the two parties and the transaction is a peer to peer. This makes it more appealing to the public as there would be lesser time involved and one of the best things is that the transaction can take place 24/7. Whether you talk about cash-out or the security, Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the gambling world.


Blockchain technology is used to empower these cryptocurrency casinos. Instead of having data stored in a single location, it’s stored in blocks and every block contains the information related to the other block. In other words, it impossible to take down a whole network. In terms of security, it’s top-class. Though the huge number of online casinos still use Fiat currency, the developments in recent years have hinted towards the brighter future of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Not only that, but technology has also already started help resolve the issues related to cybersecurity.



There is still much work needed to do in the Cryptocurrency world but as of now, digital currencies are the hotcakes. Be it the Blockchain technology or the anonymity it provides while transacting, cryptocurrency is changing the gambling industry and making it more modern.