A Guide to Bitcoin Gambling

Gambling with Bitcoin has definitely injected some fresh energy into the online casino industry in recent years with a growing number of casinos and online sportsbooks waking up to the clear benefits of online gaming with crypto and adding it as a payment option. A growing choice of legit casinos accepting Bitcoin is excellent news for players.

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Bitcoin Casinos are becoming ever more prevalent in the online gambling space. As well as the many benefits of gambling online with Bitcoin such as fast payments, innovative new Bitcoin games and the play from anywhere flexibility of Bitcoin gaming, a big driver in the popularity is the breadth of choice and ever improving generosity of Bitcoin Bonuses and Bitcoin Casino Welcome Offers.

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We’ve all dreamed of winning the lottery at some time or other. What it must be like to watch your numbers come in and snag a huge win that would change your life forever, we can but dream! That said, winning a lottery though statistically unlikely is still a real possibility and while there’s a chance many of us enjoy the buzz of throwing a few bucks at our lucky numbers from time to time. Nowadays, as well as playing Lotteries with FIAT currencies, the option exists to play  the lottery with Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Lottery

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Crypto gambling is taking over from the last few years. From slot machines to every type of casino game, online casinos have started to accept Cryptocurrencies. Though the digital currencies are yet to be identified as legal tenders the developments in the recent few years and launch of Petro by the government of Venezuela have hinted towards the potential future of Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is no doubt one of the popular and oldest cryptocurrency. Though there is no set of rules governing the regulation of cryptocurrencies, it’s always wise to check the government website for further information.

Crypto gambling


The world of digital currencies has seen a boom in recent years. Venezuela has launched its cryptocurrency Petro and Facebook is about to launch Libra. The question that comes to mind is gambling legal with bitcoin. There are no regulations that prohibit gambling with any cryptocurrency though there can be a slight change of rules.

Is it legal?

Many countries have learned the potential of digital currency and started to legalize it. Some have gone a step ahead and passed legislation to regulate. Japan has recently passed state laws to regulate Cryptocurrency gambling including Bitcoin. In Countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Belgium, Italy, and the UK, gambling with any cryptocurrency is ambiguous. That means it’s not prohibited, but not officially announced to be legal. Ther are no restrictions in many countries that prohibit you to take part in any sort of Bitcoin gambling.

Digital currencies


Licensing can be a real trouble when it comes to online casinos let alone Bitcoin casinos. As far as the leniency in registration is concerned, Scandinavian countries are kore open and licensing is more convenient. However, in countries like the UK, getting a license from the UK Gambling Commission can be a real headache. Unsurprisingly, Japan has become the first Asian country to pass various laws to regulate Bitcoin gambling. Though much works need to be done in other countries, as more and more countries continue to accept Crypto gambling, Bitcoin gambling is becoming more normal than ever.


Bitcoin gambling is a legit business, where it is preferred for its decentralized, lower fee and faster processing. However, the future seems to have a tough competition for the currency but in matters of gambling, the future is not bleak but anticipated to climb to new heights. Apart from other currencies, Bitcoin has its market is the world’s first cryptocurrency and has become synonymous with the digital currency. This gives it an upper hand in the game.


Bitcoin gambling can differ from place to place depending on the country that it operates from. Though many countries have legalized the Bitcoin gambling, others are ambiguous about the Bitcoin casinos. They are in limbo. Neither prohibited nor officially allowed but sue to the recent advancements, this is supposed to change where more countries are likely to legalize cryptocurrency, allowing the Bitcoin casinos to flourish more.