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When it comes to Casino gambling with bitcoin, things can get confusing. However, there are no such laws that prohibit a gambler to take part in Bitcoin gambling, there can be laws which can target Bitcoin gambling operators. For casino guidance check out our Bitstarz casino guide.

Casino for Bitcoin


The legality depends on two things: Is Bitcoin considered a legal tender and is online gambling allowed? Though online gambling is allowed, Bitcoin is not considered a legal tender. Having said that, there are no laws that outlaws gambling with Bitcoin. However, there are restrictions on certain activities. Until 2006, gamblers were allowed to use the US banking system for online gambling but with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act signed in October 2006, no such activity can be carried. This is what changed it all and forced many companies to switch over to cryptocurrencies in terms of mode of payment.



Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada are states where indulging in any sort of gambling activity are allowed, even Bitcoin. The platforms use geotagging to make sure that the gambler is located in the area. However, the state can’t track every gambler, but the casino houses use the technology at their end to make sure there is no violation of the law. Likewise, Washington prohibits online gambling with or without Bitcoin. The ban on registering and wagering your money is in place.

Not unlawful:

When it comes to Casinos, Las Vegas is the best, but as far as Bitcoin casinos are concerned, there is much progress that needs to be achieved. United states never legalized or prohibited Online casinos. Though there is an Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in place that doesn’t forbid any sort of gambling, a violation of any kind can attract a heavy punishment by the law. The best way is to channel your bitcoin payment through various several middleman wallets so that you leave a very little digital footprint.

Though Bitcoin is yet to be considered to be a legal tender in the US, the legality of Casino for Bitcoin treads on murky waters. There are certain restrictions on online gambling in the US but these rules change as one moves from one state to another.



Bitcoin gambling has been a hot topic among US senators in the recent past. It has resulted in conflicts and bans. Before you sign up for a Bitcoin casino, make sure that the territory doesn’t prohibit it. Having said that, the laws regarding the Bitcoin casinos are subjected to change and it’s only a matter of time.


Bitcoin gambling in the US is not a new topic. It’s been going around for years. However, recently it’s been a hot topic. With the Facebook launch of Libra and Venezuela’s Petro, the reputation of cryptocurrencies has enhanced and people have started to accept it into the mainstream. For, now three states in US legalize Bitcoin gambling and make sure the gamblers are from these states by using geotagging. There is a certain set of governing laws that see to the regulation of Bitcoin gambling.