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Bitcoin has come a long way since its inception back in 2008 and not many could’ve predicted the dizzying heights it has now reached. Bitcoin unquestionably holds on to its crown as the king of cryptocurrencies and though prices are volatile at times the potential to make a financial gain through investing in BTC still remains. If you’re new to buying Bitcoin read on and we’ll give you the beginners run down of how to get involved. Read more

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CloudBet cater for players who love to gamble online with Bitcoin be it through their online casino facilities or via sportsbook betting on your best loved sporting events. CloudBet have got you covered.

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A Guide to Bitcoin Gambling

Gambling with Bitcoin has definitely injected some fresh energy into the online casino industry in recent years with a growing number of casinos and online sportsbooks waking up to the clear benefits of online gaming with crypto and adding it as a payment option. A growing choice of legit casinos accepting Bitcoin is excellent news for players.

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Bitcoin Casinos are becoming ever more prevalent in the online gambling space. As well as the many benefits of gambling online with Bitcoin such as fast payments, innovative new Bitcoin games and the play from anywhere flexibility of Bitcoin gaming, a big driver in the popularity is the breadth of choice and ever improving generosity of Bitcoin Bonuses and Bitcoin Casino Welcome Offers.

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We’ve all dreamed of winning the lottery at some time or other. What it must be like to watch your numbers come in and snag a huge win that would change your life forever, we can but dream! That said, winning a lottery though statistically unlikely is still a real possibility and while there’s a chance many of us enjoy the buzz of throwing a few bucks at our lucky numbers from time to time. Nowadays, as well as playing Lotteries with FIAT currencies, the option exists to play  the lottery with Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Lottery

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When it comes to Casino gambling with bitcoin, things can get confusing. However, there are no such laws that prohibit a gambler to take part in Bitcoin gambling, there can be laws which can target Bitcoin gambling operators. For casino guidance check out our Bitstarz casino guide.

Casino for Bitcoin


The legality depends on two things: Is Bitcoin considered a legal tender and is online gambling allowed? Though online gambling is allowed, Bitcoin is not considered a legal tender. Having said that, there are no laws that outlaws gambling with Bitcoin. However, there are restrictions on certain activities. Until 2006, gamblers were allowed to use the US banking system for online gambling but with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act signed in October 2006, no such activity can be carried. This is what changed it all and forced many companies to switch over to cryptocurrencies in terms of mode of payment.



Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada are states where indulging in any sort of gambling activity are allowed, even Bitcoin. The platforms use geotagging to make sure that the gambler is located in the area. However, the state can’t track every gambler, but the casino houses use the technology at their end to make sure there is no violation of the law. Likewise, Washington prohibits online gambling with or without Bitcoin. The ban on registering and wagering your money is in place.

Not unlawful:

When it comes to Casinos, Las Vegas is the best, but as far as Bitcoin casinos are concerned, there is much progress that needs to be achieved. United states never legalized or prohibited Online casinos. Though there is an Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in place that doesn’t forbid any sort of gambling, a violation of any kind can attract a heavy punishment by the law. The best way is to channel your bitcoin payment through various several middleman wallets so that you leave a very little digital footprint.

Though Bitcoin is yet to be considered to be a legal tender in the US, the legality of Casino for Bitcoin treads on murky waters. There are certain restrictions on online gambling in the US but these rules change as one moves from one state to another.



Bitcoin gambling has been a hot topic among US senators in the recent past. It has resulted in conflicts and bans. Before you sign up for a Bitcoin casino, make sure that the territory doesn’t prohibit it. Having said that, the laws regarding the Bitcoin casinos are subjected to change and it’s only a matter of time.


Bitcoin gambling in the US is not a new topic. It’s been going around for years. However, recently it’s been a hot topic. With the Facebook launch of Libra and Venezuela’s Petro, the reputation of cryptocurrencies has enhanced and people have started to accept it into the mainstream. For, now three states in US legalize Bitcoin gambling and make sure the gamblers are from these states by using geotagging. There is a certain set of governing laws that see to the regulation of Bitcoin gambling.


You might have been living under a massive rock if you have not heard of the terms cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. The digital currencies are said to be the future of finance which will support economic growth. It has been in the news and extensive discussions due to the volatility it possesses and the prices its offer. With all the innovative concepts that have been incorporating cryptocurrencies into them include online gambling too. It was in 2016 that people started noticing the role of Bitcoin in online casinos. Although the gamblers who have been programmed to play using their funds in the bank, many of them have started shifting to the game with the digital currencies in their hold. Even the novices have begun hitting the button by depositing the glazing Bitcoin into the gambling machines.

Online casinos

Bitcoins function like any other national currency in the online casinos, but you will need to exchange your currency for the coins. You will then have to send over the coins to a sportsbook or casino to place bets on a game. If you win the bet, you will be paid the reward in Bitcoin. You can always trade it for your national currency. But you would be confused about gambling with cryptocurrency since it seems like double the effort. So, let us have delve deeper the reasons that pay off the time you invest in the exchange.

1.      Speed of Payout is Fast

The biggest reason Bitcoin has bankers working all across the globe is that it can be transferred over easily to any part of the world in less than 10 minutes. There have been reports that it takes much longer than that to complete transactions, which is due to the heaping up of requests. However, even that would make a shorter time than that of international bank transactions. All those who have tried transferring money to a different part of the world will have witnessed the hassle behind doing it. This is the reason why gamblers also prefer to play with Bitcoin; their withdrawals which would otherwise take about 3-5 days to be transferred will be sent in a few minutes. Casinos like Bitstarz offer instant cashouts.

Speed of Payout

2.      Privacy is a Factor that Gamblers Look for

Bitcoin does not completely protect anonymity but does provide it enough for a gamble. You might want to keep privacy else it could affect the other financial transactions of yours. No other banking documents will record the exchange you made for the Bitcoin except for that in the platform you traded it. You are guaranteed a certain level of anonymity with Bitcoin gambling which can help you keep your habit in the shadows.


3.      Patience has a Better Effect in Bitcoin Gambling

Your jackpot winnings will be transferred to your account in 3-5 business days when you are playing in online casinos, which you would use in a few days. Whereas, when you play with Bitcoin, the reward also is transferred in Bitcoin. You can always store it in your account to be exchanged later for your national currency. By waiting patiently, you could earn more with the jackpot since Bitcoin is volatile and could shoot up anytime. So, when you win casino rewards in Bitcoins, keep track of the rates and exchange it when the price hits its highest and when you need it the most.


When it comes to slot games, nothing beats the game. Since the time of its inception, slots have become synonymous with casinos but with the technological advancements in the online casino industry, slots are much more interactive and fun. However, learning slots can’t be achieved in a day but needs practice. Just in case, you wish to learn, you should first try the free sites that offer you many casino games to play for free. There is no set of strategies to win but more practice will elevate your chances.

Slot games

Free websites:

A simple search on google will give you results where you can find a lot of Bitcoin slots. You can practice these free slots. The more you practice, the better you learn. As known to everyone, there are no ways to guarantee your win but with practice, you shall be able to know how it works. However, you should keep in mind that the real slots will differ a lot from the ones offered to you.


Faucet is another way to free slots. The faucet websites offer Bitcoin rewards through slots. However, if you don’t like games, you can choose to have a task completed. After you have completed your tasks, these Faucet sites give you Bitcoins as a reward. This is one of the top ways to bitcoin slots these days.


Dass ist Casino:

Dass Ist Casino is one such name in the industry that requires no introduction. On an initial sign up, you can trigger 150 free spins and a welcome bonus. The website uses high-end security to process user data and allows the player an experience of his lifetime. Apart from the cryptocurrencies, you can also make your payment in Fiat currencies. In comparison to other casinos in the market, Dass Ist is reliable, faster and trustworthy. Though the customer liking varies depending upon your playing habits, however, Dass is not a bad choice, to begin with.

MBIT casino:

MBIT comes with 100 free bonuses without any sort of initial deposit. From its wide range of slot games to 96 Jackpot slots, MBIT has catered to the needs of the players since 2014. The mobile application is designed in such a way that it takes care of each one of your gambling needs and if you are interested in a wide range of slot games, MBIT is your stop.

Sign up:

Though there is a rare case of fraud websites it’s always good to be on the safer side when signing up for an online casino by checking its licensing and other relevant information. Once you have established its credibility, look for the bonuses it offers and compare it with other platforms. Don’t skip any information regarding anything, whether that be game rules or cash out. Bitstarz casino is a great choice for most.


Slot games are fun but playing online for cash for the first time should be done with caution. Slots are fun but before you step right into it, there are a lot of platforms where you can learn slots with no money. With a simple search on the internet, you should be able to find these websites. Practicing more and more elevates your chances at the game and helps you understand how it works.


Cryptocurrency is the talk today. Be it gambling or Cybersecurity, the technology has taken over the market and continues to dominate other spheres. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and ever since its inception, the name has become synonymous with digital currencies. There are many ways of earning Bitcoins but first of all, if you have just started to learn about Bitcoins, it would be better to research it. An insight into how things work will be a nice start to debut in the market of Cryptocurrencies.

What is Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency launched in 2009. It’s the world’s first digital currency. In other words, it’s a computer file stored in a Digital wallet having a value. Compared to Fiat currency, Bitcoin has no regulating authorities and all transactions are recorded on Blockchain. What sets it apart is the way it works? Due to its decentralized form, Bitcoins are not issued by banks, hence there are no intermediaries. This makes the transacting faster and devoid of any fees. Since there are no banks, the transaction can be carried 24/7.



Gambling is a nice way to earn Bitcoins. Bitcoin gambling sites are legal sites licensed by the law, and there are chances that you might end up winning a free Bitcoin. Though you need to make sure that the site you are clicking on is legit not a spoof site. There are rare chances that fraudsters linger on the internet, to be on the safer side, check the credibility of the website.

Bitcoin faucets

It’s the kind of faucet that dispenses a fraction of Bitcoin every few minutes. Though it’s a small amount, its meant as a promotional offer to hold visitors on the site. However, it’s supposed to help casino owners to gain more customers, you should also take advantage of it and make it work in your favor. After all, where else does Bitcoin Drip like that?

Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin games:

The games are another fun way to gain Bitcoins. Similar to faucets, these games offer you a fraction of Bitcoins for playing games and viewing Ads. Meant as a promotional offer for the house, if you have plenty of time and you don’t mind, you can add up a decent amount when you stop playing. it needs a little work to find the right Bitcoin games that have a little more than average reward to offer. You can find hundreds of slots and games at Bitstarz.

Affiliate program:

This is when you refer service to a friend, you both can get a reward out of it. This can come in Bitcoins. Many casinos offer affiliate services and its an easy way to earn Bitcoins.



There are quite a few ways to earn Bitcoins without much work. Mining is not for everybody and no matter how much fancy it looks, it’s not for the common person. Though you can use casino websites that offer you Bitcoins by trying out their games or referring their services. That is the easiest way to get it.