We’ve all dreamed of winning the lottery at some time or other. What it must be like to watch your numbers come in and snag a huge win that would change your life forever, we can but dream! That said, winning a lottery though statistically unlikely is still a real possibility and while there’s a chance many of us enjoy the buzz of throwing a few bucks at our lucky numbers from time to time. Nowadays, as well as playing Lotteries with FIAT currencies, the option exists to play  the lottery with Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Lottery

What is a BTC Lottery?

The ability to win a lottery without parting with standard currencies is a real prospect in this new Crypto Casino era. Many Bitcoin Casinos have added Bitcoin Lotteries to their entertainment portfolio and they’ve been proving popular with Bitcoin players to they point where there’s now a wide selection of casinos offering Bitcoin lottery games. There are tales of enormous wins where some lucky gamblers have walked away with as much as a 1K BTC prize purse!! Take a moment to digest that, a BTC jackpot worth in the region of 10 Million dollars!! Those eye watering Bitcoin jackpot wins have caught the imagination of many players and goes some way to explaining the growth in popularity of these games.

How do Bitcoin Lotteries Work?

Playing the Bitcoin Lottery is super simple and that’s probably why players like it so much. You can buy your ticket with BTC or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and upon making a purchase you must pick your numbers in a similar fashion to a traditional lottery. Numbers can be picked from a list that will usually stretch between 1 and 50 and most commonly you’ll need to choose 6 numbers.

The lottery is drawn by the lottery operator as would happen in a standard game and if your numbers match those drawn in full, book the private jet, your in for a life changing win!! A jackpot win is of course the best case scenario but also the least likely. Smaller wins are also on the cards if you match a lesser amount of drawn numbers with prize values lessening the fewer numbers you match as you would expect.

Different casino lotteries will of course have varying payout procedures as well as their own set of rules of play, terms and conditions. Always take a moment to familiarise yourself with the T&C’s before you buy you ticket for the Bitcoin Lottery you want to play.

Are BTC Lottery Games fair?

It’s perfectly possible and in-fact not particularly difficult for a rouge trader or disreputable casino to create a Bitcoin Lottery. Take time to select a Bitcoin Lottery provider of good standing and firm reputation. Pick a provably fair Bitcoin Lottery that independently verifies the results of their games and proves that they have chosen the lottery winner at random.

The Bitcoin lottery casinos that we list here at are all above board, provably fair, well respected providers of bitcoin lottery games and other online gambling products.


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