A Guide to Bitcoin Gambling

Gambling with Bitcoin has definitely injected some fresh energy into the online casino industry in recent years with a growing number of casinos and online sportsbooks waking up to the clear benefits of online gaming with crypto and adding it as a payment option. A growing choice of legit casinos accepting Bitcoin is excellent news for players.

Ready to begin Bitcoin Gambling? Here we lay out some basics of gambling with Bitcoin online and answer some common questions that those new to gambling with cryptocurrency often ask.

The 2 Main Reasons to Gamble with Bitcoin

  1. Send funds to a casino with top security and speed. Using the blockchain technology is a very dependable way of moving money and it’s safe from fraudsters who may try and seize your funds or acquire sensitive information.
  2. Gambling with Bitcoin means any wins will result in a boost of your crypto funds. Gamble responsibly at online casinos or sports betting sites and should you strike it lucky with a win you can move earnings over in your chosen Bitcoin wallet.

How do I play Casino games with Bitcoin?

If your a Bitcoin gaming novice then why not read our How to Buy Bitcoin Guide. Moving forward, lets take for granted that you are familiar with purchasing Bitcoins and making purchases and transferring funds. There are a few ways of using Bitcoin to access online casino gambling and sport betting products.

Most often when you make a Bitcoin deposit into an online casino account the casino will convert the funds to FIAT currency and you’ll proceed to play games and gamble with that money. If you land a win and with to cash out then your funds will be converted back into BTC before make a withdrawal.

Some of the leading BTC Casinos have specific BTC Games for crypto gamblers to play. In this instance there is no conversion to FIAT and the games are played using BTC. These games are usually nice and varied and range from BTC Slots to live casino titles, popular BTC table games and much more.

Enjoy Fast Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals

A common gripe among online casino players is sluggish and problematic deposits and withdrawals. Sometimes a particular payment method may be unavailable or restricted in one territory or another. Gamers also get frustrated when extra checking procedures last for days and delay the pay out process.

Many of the pitfalls of depositing with FIAT currency can be avoided when playing online with BTC. The fact that Bitcoin is deregulated meaning that the banking industry don’t have a hold over it and neither do governments means that BTC can be used to play from any location on the planet. A Bitcoin payment simply has to be verified through the blockchain for it to clear into your casino account. Depending on the site this can be instant or take up to 10 minutes. Standard casino withdrawals can be even more painstaking but not with Bitcoin. All you need to do is input your BTC wallet address and let them know the amount you’d like to cash out and hey presto!

Use Bitcoin to avoid fees at online casinos

Skip annoying casino fees using BTC casino payments. Fees obviously vary depending on the site and the payment method but by using Bitcoin you can circumvent navigate the third party handling fees that often apply.




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